For over 90 years Newman & Co, Inc. has had one primary goal:

To provide quality products with exceptional service.


Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our family owned mill produces more than 70,000 tons of paperboard annually. Our products are used in a variety of industries including paper boxes, game boards, puzzles, book covers, and tablets.

We can inventory your order requirements in our state of the art warehouse offering both "make and hold" and "make and replace" services. Call us so we can offer shipment of our products at mill pricing. We also offer small quantity, next day shipment from our extensive just in time inventory. No order quantity is too small.

All our items are made from 100% recycled material at our mill in Philadelphia. We run 24 hours per day to meet your needs and our sales representatives are ready to assist you now!



Grid Magazine Feature

Grid Magazine writes about how our recycled paperboard plant is expanding our rainwater collection program to divert 4.8 million gallons of rainwater run-off for use in our manufacturing process.

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PA Recycler Feature

We are honored to be a "Spotlight Feature" in PA Recyclers Magazine (PROP, Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania)!

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Family Business Magazine

The Newman family's past, present, and future are highlighted in this article on family partnerships!

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A Year of Giving Back

Newman & Company, Inc. is proud to announce the list of charities who will receive the benefit of our JEANS FOR CHARITY program.

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In addition to the converting of substrates manufactured by others, Newman & Company can perform a wide variety of converting services including:

  • + Pasted Chip
  • + Pasted White One-side
  • + Pasted White Two-side
  • + Round Cut Corners -
    radius per your specification
  • + Angle Cut Corners -
    length per your specification
  • + Guillotine Trimming
  • + Sheeting of Rolls
  • + High Accuracy Rotary Slitting and Cutting
  • + Combining and Sheeting of Rolls
  • + Roll to Roll Combining
  • + Sheet Lining


Click here for small quantity inventory list

We offer the following products:
+ Plain Chip, Bending Chip, Mounting Chip, Solid Black Chip, Pasted Chip, 1/2 Stained Chip, Solid Stained Chip, White 1/2Side and 2/Side

We offer the following grades:
  • + Chip (plain, bending, solid black, pasted, and     stained)
  • + One-side Book Lined Chip + Rough News
  • + White Vat Lined Board (One-side and Two-side)
  • + Binders Board + CCNB
  • + SBS Coated (One-side and Two-side)
  • + One-side Book, litho, kraft, black, and other colors,     mylar and other substrates lined on chip

Sheeting Specifications Include:
We can accommodate any OD and any core size.
+ Widest - 70"+ Shortest - 20"
+ Narrowest - 10" + Longest - 65"

+ Max trim 6" per side for board


In 2003, Newman opened a state of the art 30,000 square foot warehouse with the ability to hold more than 5000 tons of paperboard. A year later our automated packaging line became operational. By implementing the latest warehousing technologies, we are able to process, package, store, and ship more than 100,000 skids annually.

At Newman, we recognize the dynamic nature of paperboard manufacturing. Every skid we produce is weighed and the pieces are counted using an optical scanner capable of determining the total number of pieces on a skid to within 1%.

Laminator Specifications include:
We can laminate up to three plies from rolls.

+ 60" Width Maximum + 26" Width Minimum
+ 78" Length Maximum + 26" Length Minimum


Newman & Co has formed a manufacturing ecosystem with several other companies in order to be able to offer the widest array of services with the highest efficiency and best possible quality.

Bridge View Paper Company

Bridge View Paper Company’s focus is on the sale of first line mill-direct domestic and international prime paper shipments of the following grades of paper and board.

  • + Coated Free-Sheet Text & Cover / Coated Ground     Wood Text & Cover
  • + Uncoated Offset / Tablet and Uncoated Opaques
  • + Insert Paper / Newsprint / Directory / Hi Brites
  • + C1S Litho Label / Tag Stock / Vellum Bristol / Index
  • + Coated C1S and Coated C2S SBS
  • + CCNB / CCKB / Chipboard

With over 105 years of combined paper sales experience, our seasoned sales force specializes in servicing commercial printers and publishers, along with paper and box converters throughout the US, Canada and Overseas. Our products are marketed/sold in both web and sheet form in truck load and smaller quantities. Additionally, we utilize regional service centers throughout North America that allow us to provide “quick turn” and spot purchases for immediate delivery.

For more information visit www.bridgeviewpaper.com



Newman & Company produces more than 70,000 tons of 100% recycled paperboard each year. As part of our ongoing effort to recycle paper, we offer competitive and effective programs to help manage our customer's waste paper.  If your company would like to discuss waste recycling options including the installation of equipment for material handling, roll off/trash service, and assessment of your facility's waste generation, please contact us.

United States Recycling Inc. is an affiliate collector, processor and marketer of recyclable material. An emphasis on quality service and long-term relationships enabled the company to grow to its current state: a full-service packer, broker and exporter handling the entire range of recyclable materials, shipping to paper mills and other end users all across the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world.

For more information visit www.unitedstatesrecycling.com


Mill Corporation’s Brokerage Division is an affiliate of Newman & Company’s 94 year old family owned paperboard business. Mill Corporation is a full service 3PL (third party logistics), asset based provider of any mode of transportation. We can transport by air, ocean, rail or the road for any size shipment anywhere in the world. We offer our customers value through our service, single point of contact for all modes of transportation and competitive pricing built through our extensive network of contracted carriers. Mill Corporation’s Brokerage Division focuses on building long lasting relationships with our customers and carriers and is based on the same level of integrity and commitment upon which our company and its affiliates were founded.

For more information visit www.millcorporation.com


Mark Dimento

Small Quantity/Lining Rep.
  • P: (215) 333-8700 x 1268
  • F: (215) 992-5737

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Nick Delbuono

Logistics Manager/Sales
  • P: (215) 333-8700 x 1213
  • F: (215) 992-5731

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Joe Partito

Production Manager/Sales
  • P: (215) 333-8700 x 1250
  • F: (215) 992-5739

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Charlie Wismer

Vice President of Sales
  • P: (215) 333-8700 x 1216
  • F: (215) 992-5735

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Small Quantity/Lining Rep.
  • P: (781) 294-8122
  • F: (781) 294-8125

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Outside Sales Representative
  • P: (704) 654-7453
  • F: (704) 271-9712

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Outside Sales Representative
  • P: (215) 333-8700 x 5217
  • F: (252) 533-1801

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Susan Paul

Inside Sales Representative
  • P: (215) 333-8700 x 1283
  • F: (215) 992-7915

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Jackie Issler

Sales Representative
  • P: (215)-333-8700 x5203
  • F: (215)-333-8686

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